Sunday, July 13, 2014

Point and Shoot reaches 5,000 Views

Point and Shoot blog reaches 5,000 views today. 

5,000 views in a blog is hardly an event worth mentioning for many of the other established blogging names out there. But for this blog that began as a humble bleep online last April of 2014, has grown to amass a small following of readers from around the globe.   

In all honesty, Point and Shoot began with a small vision: to continuously inspire the writer of this blog to shoot pictures (primarily justifying the purchase of his new camera). This blog became that writer's reason to shoot. 

A few articles and thousands of pictures later, Point and Shoot is up and running as one of newest photoblogs in the country. From a humble bleep, we have now become a noticeable speck in the internet world... Not bad for a blog that began because of a bad case of insomnia.

To the readers, thank you for the support, and the time you have spent reading, looking at, and digesting our continuous churns of pictures and words. 

Heres to you!

See you at 10,000.


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