Saturday, April 12, 2014

Not Another Photo Blog Project

Its 1:25 in the morning, a mildly hot and dark day. The kind of moment where you are either dreaming of whatever fantasies you have that would later come along and dissolve as you return to the waking world, or one when you have that middle of the night moment.

That moment when you feel that on the unholiest of hours your brain starts chugging elaborate ideas and thoughts one after the other that you feel like you are in the midst of your own renaissance. Some dismiss this feeling as a sign of fatigue, of restlessness or even regret for not not having that comeback line that would make you the winner of that argument hands down.

And others well I guess put up a blog.

This is a  result of that restlessness. An attempt to revive my hibernating blog and once more breath life into it. Though I have never had a good track record at maintaining blogs in a religious manner, I have gotten by through moments of inspiration during the dead of night. and mostly by pursuing this as a means of productive procrastination.

1:35AM I am amazed with myself in what I can write in the span of ten minutes. (Through editing and rereading what I wrote might very well push me to recant that claim).

1:43 AM After a short break I feel a loss of words and ideas as if they have all taken their digestive course through my brain and ended up somewhere I can no longer find. It will return. 

This is the Genesis of Point and Shoot; a blog that is supposed to be more pictures than words. But like all of my plans, I seek them with illusions of grandeur, that maybe one day, this electronic document will serve as a historical artifact to future people (or conquering aliens) on how this measly blog came about and so, here it is- the beginning of how this came to be.       

                                                                                                                      - Grim

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