Saturday, January 10, 2015

18mm Prime in Greenbelt Makati

Finding inspiration on a daily basis is the most difficult thing to do. Probably why the average lifespan of a blog is only 6 months because there's only so much you can do until inspiration slowly begins to run dry.  Point and Shoot has been on a  hiatus for awhile, not because  of the lack of things to write or pictures to take. But primarily because of the writer's change in jobs recently. 

Now that things are smoothening out, we're trying to get back to writing and posting inthe hopes of providing  inspiration (with a little bit of humor) to you, our dear reader. 

For this post, we just want to sharing a few shots taken from an 18mm focal length 

Inspiration from different focal lengths

PROJECT: Finding the Soul of Ayala
Description: Armed with an 18mm prime lens on a Fuji X-E1, I pried inside and outside Greenbelt Makati, in search for the locations soul amidst all the brick and mortar.

Focal Length: 18mm 
Location: Greenbelt, Ayala Makati, Philippines 

Makeit Your State...ment

Looking at scenery from a different view. 

One of the great things with wide angle lenses is its ability to stretch lines 

Minimal but the patterns intrigued me

She must have been lost.



  1. Your photos look timeless. Awesome! :)

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  2. Thank you for the Kudos. Ms. Eleigh! I hope you enjoyed the short set